Tuesday, December 25

Categories: Advent Reflections

Bethlehem was the destination of Mary and Joseph, not because of some lofty motive but because the circumstances of the time, a census, brought them. Jesus’ first resting place was a manger, a feeding trough for animals, in a town called “place of Bread,” both descriptive of His mission to us.

When we look around this stable we see poverty, yes, but also a place of rest for two tired travelers. Another resting place for Jesus is our hearts. Jesus seems to be comfortable in poor places. How do we ready our hearts for Jesus? How do we come away from the tinsel, the shopping, the music, the distractions of our busy Christmases to attend to the Infant in our hearts’ manger?

As Mary gives us her Son to hold, what is our birthday gift to him? Does our gift include the people in our lives? Have we eased the burden of another to help this Christmas be a time of joy not only for a friend but for Jesus Himself?

Jeannine Randolph, SLW
Chicago, Illinois