Tuesday, December 11

Categories: Advent Reflections

“Tell his glory among all the nations,

Among all peoples his wondrous deeds.”

Last evening I saw the most beautiful sunset. I watched in awe as the sky unfolded in a variety of colors. I reflected at this tiny glimpse of all the marvels held in our universe. Isn’t it so easy to give God glory for God’s wonderful deeds after these “little shows?”

How could we practice this scripture verse during the season of Advent while we are preparing for the most wondrous Gift of all gifts?

First, I need to recognize these gifts myself. I need to be aware of the present moments of my life. How do I listen to a child’s stories or questions, a friend’s happiness or needs, a coworker’s joys or woes, a family member’s love or complaints, the call of my electronics, the beauty of nature, God’s inspiration or encouragement?

Be open and present to daily experiences. Enter into each one with all your heart and soul. It’s too easy to live on “auto pilot.”

Being aware of our blessings lets us give thanks for these wondrous gifts. 

Mary Catherine Connolly, SLW
Chicago, Illinois