Top Tips on Effective Communication from Our Sister Chat With Sister Marie McKenna, SLW, LCSW

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Top Tips on Effective Communication from Our Sister Chat With Sister Marie McKenna
Written by Kim Hall, Communications Coordinator

“There are 3 “H’s”: holiness includes recognition of our humanity that leads us to humility.” -Sister Marie McKenna, featured guest for SLW’s March Sister Chat

Our first Sister Chat was on March 25th, with SLW’s Marie McKenna, SLW, LCSW, was very informative. The Chat was via the Zoom platform and the topic was “Effective Communication”. Marie McKenna, SLW is a licensed social worker finishing up her doctorate and is also trained in dispute resolution. She is an immigrant from Canada.

Here are some of her top tips from the Chat:

We are all influenced by what we see, hear, and experience. We need to pay attention to other’s cues. Communicating with compassion is a very effective way to communicate. Be curious about things that are said and questions asked.

Be aware of different levels of importance. How are our bodies reacting to situations? What is our “temperature” to these situations. Are we “hot” and angry or “cool” and calm. Does the “temperature” match the situation? Pay attention to your body’s cues. A couple examples are if a child runs into the street that is a high-level of importance, it must be dealt with immediately to hopefully get the child out of danger. A lower-level of importance would be a family member making a mess without cleaning it up.

We all need to have coping skills on how to deal with uncomfortable situations. A major pitfall of effective communication is not paying attention to cues of whether a conversation should continue or end. If you are ever at a point of a conversation with finger-pointing (real or figuratively) that is a good sign to get your emotions in check. The finger-pointer should take a break and regroup their thoughts and emotions and calm down.

Effective Communication is a “call” that can embody purpose and focus. We need to be open to finding “our calls” in life. We have choices on accepting these “calls” or not.

If you weren’t able to join the session, or had to sign off early, you can click here to view a recording of our conversation.

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