Thursday, December 6

Categories: Advent Reflections

Jolly Old St. Nicholas, lean your ear this way; don’t you tell a single soul…..

Wait a minute. Some people say it’s inappropriate for me to sing this song. They’re telling me this is supposed to be a serious reflection about Advent, the scriptures and our SLW direction statement.

St. Nick: Well, I think my song is very appropriate. I am a saint, am I not, and my actions are in response to the Spirit calling me to be attentive and to act.

Your SLW direction statement begins “Impelled by the Spirit, with revitalized joy…”

I’m all about joy. That’s what I do—bring joy to those in need. I needed to be attentive to know where I was being called to bring joy. So too you need to be attentive.

Luanne: Oh, I get it. And you teach us it’s not enough to be an attentive presence. Action must be our response. As Matthew says “Anyone who hears my words and puts them into practice is …wise…”

You are a very wise saint, Nicholas. HAPPY FEAST!

Luanne Wilhelm, SLW
Chicago, Illinois