Throwback Thursday: Associate Sisters of the Living Word

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Today we take a moment to highlight the men and women who have been called to walk closely with the Sisters of the Living Word as Associates. Since 1992, Associates have made an annual public commitment to daily prayer and to be in relationship with the Sisters of the Living Word and other Associates through dialogue, faith-sharing, and socializing. We are grateful to our Associates, past and present!

First ASLWs 1992
The first Associates make their commitments, 1992. (L to R) Graciela and Dennis van Gement, Alyce Vesely, Trish Peppler, Toby Anderson, Pat Peters.
Chillicothe, IL Associates Gathering, 1997
Chillicothe, IL Associates Gathering, 1997. Photo by Helen Bajkowski.
Anita Skelton ASLW 2001
Anita Skelton makes her annual ASLW commitment, 2001. Photo by Genevieve Shea, SLW.
Louisiana Associates 2010
Louisiana ASLWs make their commitments, 2010.