Third Wednesday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

Isaiah 45: 6-8, 18, 21-25;
Psalm 85: 9-14;
Luke 7: 18-23

In today’s psalm, the kiss between justice and peace
foreshadows the delightful reunion of heaven and earth
that will take place with the birth of Christ. With Jesus, all
humanity will find unity with God; justice will unite each
of us in peace. The coming of Jesus heralds the embrace of
heaven and earth: righteousness, truth, faithfulness, justice,
and kindness all join perfectly in one person.

Jesus came not only to bring healing and spread the good
news to us. He did more than that: through his cross he
showed us a way to restore our wounded relationships. He
tore down the walls of prejudice and forgiveness so that we
could hold the people around us and lovingly embrace them.

Loving Father, thank you for the gift of your Son.
Thank you for giving me the chance to be a
part of the reunion of heaven and earth.

Barbara J. Aretz, ASLW
Midland, Texas