Third Sunday of Advent Reflection

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Third Sunday of Advent
Isaiah 61: 1-2, 10-11;
Resp.: Luke 1: 46-50, 53-54

I believe St. Paul’s key words, “Rejoice Always” in today’s
second reading, are a much needed component in the
present day’s dark moments.

Listening to daily news we often hear messages of gloom
and doom which crush our spirits. But we are lifted up
when we hear news of the brave, compassionate care of our
unemployed brothers and sisters by those who find it within
their means to assist the less fortunate and disregarded in our
society. Such goodness gives one cause to rejoice. So I say to
you with St. Paul, “Rejoice always” at those whose generous
hearts see the needs of others and respond to them with care
and love. As Sisters and Associates of the Living Word,
commemorating the 45th anniversary of our founding, we
are drawn to contemplative moments at the goodness of God
to the Living Word Community, believing that this God is
mindful of all the needs in which today’s world is engulfed.
So, again I say to you with St. Paul, “Rejoice always – pray
without ceasing…”

Mary Ann Zrust, SLW
Chicago, Illinois