Third Saturday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

The first reading and the Gospel are much alike. Hannon,
Manoah’s wife, was barren. She received the message
that the child she would carry would be consecrated and
begin the deliverance of Israel. Samuel, the child, was
blessed by the God who always blesses those who listen and
follow God.

The Psalm is the prayer of a believer who implores God to
deliver him from his enemies. He knows God alone can do
this, so he praises and thanks the lord. God is his surety.

The Gospel is another announcement. John will be born to
the righteous couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth. The message
is much the same as the First Reading. John will be filled
with the Holy Spirit and go before the Lord like Elijah, to
prepare people for the Lord. But Zechariah doubted and so
would be mute until the birth of John. Elizabeth, however,
believed and conceived and gave thanks to the Lord. God
blessed those who believed and will always send someone to
show us the way to him.

Donna Pelsi, ASLW
Chicago, Illinois