First Sunday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

Today’s reflection takes us to the stunning awareness that
the message is for us:

We are clay in the hands of the Divine Potter. We are
sanctified in Christ and called to be holy.

No exceptions here! We are all clay – all called to holiness.
We are not separate, not asked by title or position or gender
or race. All!

How pliable am I? Where have I grown dry or hardened?
How will I allow myself to be re-molded, sanctified? When
am I aware of the needs within my community? Outside my

Living God – Friend! In your gracious love, reveal yourself
anew. Attend to this vine, the shoot you have planted. May
your love remain with us whom you have made strong and
gifted with your sacred charism. Revive us as we “reflect
and affirm the Word in the world” and commit ourselves
to listening deeply to your voice. In the name of Jesus, the
Living Word. Amen.

Carol Kelzer, ASLW
Sioux City, Iowa