Sunday, December 9

Categories: Advent Reflections

In the SLW Direction Statement, we are “called to be an attentive presence in our relationships with each other, all of God’s people, and Creation.” Today’s readings give us some ways to do this. Baruch says that God will name us: the peace of justice. Paul tells us the importance of loving one another and the Gospel calls us to repentance, to be ready to see the salvation of God. All ways to find peace.

The peace of justice. What an amazing name! Peace found first within ourselves. Then peace to those near and to those far away touched in some way by the love we give to all people and all of Creation. Be attentive to those we encounter. Be attentive to ways we can care for our planet. As we grow in love for each other and Creation we will become what God had named us.

God, please inspire us to give ourselves over to love so that we can indeed become what you have named us, the peace of justice.

Christine Baty, SLW
Wheeling, Illinois