Sunday, December 2

Categories: Advent Reflections

Today, my heart is burdened listening to the past decades of sex scandals. We suffer from division, faction and hurtful relationships. How can we be an “attentive presence” in our church and world?

The Gospel tell us:
“There will be signs…and on earth nations will be in dismay…But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your Redemption is at hand.”

The temptation is to leave the church where we worshipped, were baptized, confirmed, received Eucharist. To whom should we go? The Gospel tells us to remember that our Redemption is at hand. Jesus, our Savior, will lead us in the Right Paths. God, the Unchangeable God, will not abandon us but remain in love with us. Psalm 25 asks God to Teach us.

O God, teach us the path of love and reverence of all people and to be an attentive presence, radiating your goodness to all. May what is fractured and hurtful be healed. Jesus, the Word made flesh does dwell among us. – We Believe!

Joanne Fedewa, SLW
Des Plaines, Illinois