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One guest wrote after the event, “From the many smiles and the atmosphere of enjoyment I would pronounce it most successful.”

Over 90 guests attended the SLW SummerFest/Ice Cream Social on Sunday, August 13. They enjoyed Hotdogs, Chips and Blizzards from Photos HotDogs. The Banjo Buddies Dixieland Band performed a number of love-themed and happy songs to the delight of the crowd.

A special thanks to, St. James parishioner and Girl Scout leader, Kathryn Boudart, for offering her amazing face-painting skills to many children and some adults!

The event culminated with the drawing of the Grand Raffles winners:

$7,000 Danica Camardelle (daughter of Dawn Camardelle)

$2,000:  Robbie Avena (IL)

$500:  Mary Erhard (MN)

$500:  Colette Diegel (FL)

Proceeds to benefit SLW efforts in education, social services, immigrant/refugee advocacy, racial harmony and care of earth.

We thank each and every one of you for promoting the Grand Raffle and/or attending the event!