Sr. Annamarie Cook, SLW Foundress, writes…

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Christmas each year witnesses again to that fire of love that brought Christ to earth and continues to live in the hearts of all who seek to emulate Him. It is signified in the little things: the smile, the word, the very small deed that draws all of us into God who is love.

Christ, the newborn Babe, has come to earth with one reason, to give life, and to give it even more profusely. For me, that is what Christmas is—the giving of life and the receiving of it. A freely given gift from the greatest of all Givers to all of us who are willing and glad to receive it. But when we receive, we can never hug life to ourselves but we are impelled to bring it to others. The very nature of that life is such that it becomes more abundant as it is given.

As Sisters of the Living Word this is our mission. To carry on that giving of life, to spread it ever farther into a world that sometimes loves death rather than life that can get caught up frequently and unknowingly in death rather than in life. So this Christmas my wish and prayer for you is that “you may have life and have it ever more abundantly.” Peace.

Sr. Annamarie, the Foundress of the Sisters of the Living Word, wrote this in 1988.