Spiritual Insights from Pope Francis

Categories: Advent Reflections

“We are living in an age in which people are rather skeptical of truth.  Benedict XVI has frequently spoken of relativism, that is, of the tendency to consider nothing definitive and to think that truth comes from consensus or from something we like.  The question arises:  Does the truth really exist?  What is the truth? Can we know it?  Can we find it?  Here springs to mind the question of Pontius Pilate, the Roman procurator, when Jesus reveals to him the deep meaning of his mission:  “What is truth?” Pilate cannot understand that the truth is standing in front of him; he cannot see in Jesus the face of the truth that is the face of God.  And yet Jesus is exactly this:  the Truth that, in fullness of time, ‘became flesh” and came to dwell among us so that we might know it.  The truth is not grasped as a thing; the truth is encountered.  It is not a possession; it is an encounter with a Person.”  excerpt from the Church of Mercy