SLW Renew Vows at St. James

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As part of the celebration of Consecrated Life on February 5, several of the Sisters of the Living Word, renewed their vows at the 10 a.m. Mass at St. James in Arlington Heights, IL.  Afterwards they continued the celebration with a luncheon.

zrust-schlechterMary Ann Zrust, SLW and Rosaria Schlechter, SLWstacken-randolphStella Stacken, SLW and Jeannine Randolph, SLW

schumacker-roehlGeorgene Schumacher, SLW and Joyce Roehl, SLW

rosanne-stump-gribRosanne Stump, SLW and Joanne Grib, SLW

mass-wilhelm-weberBarbara Mass, SLW, Luanne Wilhelm, SLW and Theresa Weber, SLW

marlene-eileen-geimerMarlene Geimer, SLW and Eileen Geimer, SLW

connolly-krieterMary Catherine Connolly, SLW and Jean Krieter, SLW

coccimiglio-fedewaMary Louise Coccimiglio, SLW and Joanne Fedewa, SLW