SLW Lenten Reflection

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Examining White Privilege

During this Lenten Season, the Sisters of the Living Word will embrace their 4th Call with communal intentional reflection. Their 4th Call states: We are called to commit ourselves to a contemplative way of being in our world, by deeply listening for God’s voice in Scripture, in our personal experience, in the culture and in the Church.

You are welcome to use these resources for your own personal reflection:

Resisting Mass Incarceration, Resisting Racism (Winter 2018 by Mary Ann McGivern, SL)

LCWR Confronts Racism and Religious Life (Fall 2016 by Margaret Alandt, IHM and Pat McCluskey, IHM)

Some Daily Effects of White Privilege (by Rev. Clyde Brooks)

The Sisters hope is that, through this more contemplative work, they may grow in greater awareness of their own biases so that their minds and hearts will open more easily to the Light of the Risen Christ. Some questions they will be asking during reflection are: How can reflection on white privilege help me in my journey of transformation in Christ? Am I able to ask the challenging questions of myself? Am I able to state with honesty that the systems in our country like mass incarceration are racist? What small steps can I take to make amends?