Second Friday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

In Matthew’s parable, he compares the people of his time
with children who dance to neither happy nor sad music.
Nothing seems to satisfy them. God sent us John the Baptist
who was rather austere and Jesus who was just the opposite
and we rejected them both. Nothing seems to satisfy us

We hear John’s message to repent and we say, “Not now,
God. That requires hard work. Ask us later. We’re too busy
getting ready for Christmas.”

And when Jesus says, “Come to me…” we say, “Maybe later,
Jesus, when we’re tired out from celebrating.”

If we are to PREPARE the way of the Lord, we need to
change. Isaiah tells us that God will teach us the way we
should go. So tune into Him and listen to God’s love song
found in the image of a Child in a lowly stable in Bethlehem.
Spending some quality time at the Crib each day, be it only
ten minutes, will certainly straighten our path to God!

Joanne Grib, SLW
Arlington Heights, Illinois