Saturday, December 22

Categories: Advent Reflections

Today our first reading gives us part of Hannah’s story. Earlier in her story, she prayed, “weeping copiously,” asking God for a male child. Eli, who saw only her mouth moving, accuses her of being drunk, but Hannah explains. Eli was attentive and listened, blessed her, and asked God to grant her request.

Now we find Hannah presenting her baby Samuel to the Temple. She also made it a point to inform Eli that God had granted her request. In the Psalm, Hannah sings her Magnificat.

Our Gospel tells of Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth recognizes Mary as “the mother of my Lord” and John in her womb, “leapt for joy.” Mary responds with her beautiful Magnificat which has several points of resemblances to Hannah’s song.

We are only three days from Christmas. How are we following Jesus’ example in our relationships? Are we truly attentive, present to each other, all of God’s people and creation?

Come, Lord Jesus, teach us the Way.

Norma Thelen, SLW
Chicago, Illinois