Saturday, December 15

Categories: Advent Reflections

It rained and rained, more rain than we had ever seen in our lifetimes. Then it kept raining every day, but that did not stop the volunteers from coming from all over the Midwest. They left the comfort of their homes to dig muck and grime out of a stranger’s house, and to spend the night on army cots with 60 other volunteers.

They came at the end of summer. They came on Labor Day Weekend. They came just when their children were getting ready to start school. It was not easy. It was not comfortable. Others baked and cooked, washed clothes or watched volunteers’ children. You want 400 gallons of bleach? OK. We will get them somewhere, even though it is Labor Day. Through sweat and tears the volunteers brought the greatest of gifts, their attentive caring presence.

Josette Buehlman, ASLW
Mauston, Wisconsin