RESPECT— A Core Value for the Dignity of all Creation

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A Message from Leadership

The Sisters of the Living Word stand to promote the value of respect in every aspect of life and society.  People, today of every walk of life are our neighbors, our friends, our faith journeyers, our community leaders, health workers and laborers, and sharing the same home-Earth.

We especially stand united at this time in our United States, with our Leadership Conference of Women Religious and all who mourn the suffering and fear endured by our Asian-American and Pacific Island communities as a result of the events in Atlanta.

As Sisters of the Living Word, we want to see the world as God sees it, as The Beloved Community, a concept Martin Luther King so profoundly named years ago.  We admit sadly that the value of respect today is not given equally to all people or the natural world, as is recently seen in so many  events and killings.  So, it must be up to us who have been shown how respecting all creation lifts up its inherent dignity.  We must be the ones to practice this attitude and promote it for the life of the world.

We stand with all those who believe that every human being and all creation. deserves to have their dignity lifted up, for we are all children of God.

Sisters Kris Vorenkamp, Sharon Glumb and Carrie Miller
Congregational Leadership