Reconciling God, Creation and Humanity

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Lent is a time for a renewal of heart!  As we pray in psalm 51, “Create in me a new heart, O God.”  What does this mean?  For each of us it means conversion, returning to God’s ways. There is always some aspect in our lives in which we are not living fully as God created us to.  One of the Core Values of the Sisters of the Living Word is CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME- Earth.

How am I called to renew my attitude from one of perhaps disinterest in the global issues, or distraction from the most pressing needs so that I can responsibly care for our Earth and our next generations can live on a thriving planet? One of the ways  that we Catholics are familiar with is an Examination of Conscience.  We offer here a very inspiring and spiritually focused yet action oriented- Examination of conscience. The Ecological Examen: Reconciling God, Creation and Humanity.  Our Jesuit brothers sponsor this website, and we support them by sharing it here:

The examen is able to be viewed at the website or you may desire to buy the little booklet ($4.00)

A blessed Lent to you!

Submitted by Sister Kristine Vorenkamp, SLW