Prayers for the Migrants by Joanne Fedewa, SLW and Carrie Miller, SLW

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Prayers for the Migrants 

On a very cold, windy autumn day we joined a “Share the Journey” group in walking a mile in solidarity with migrants who walk from their homelands to seek safety and freedom in our country.

As we walked, we heard inspiring testimonies of several people who were successful in finding a new homeland. The suffering they endured on their journey was horrible to hear of – and worse to realize what they actually lived through! The strength they found and the hope they clung to were the common threads woven through all their stories. During the walk we also stopped for moments of prayer-one of them follows here.

Please join us in praying;

GOD OF ALL PEOPLE, We bring before you all who work for the fullness
of justice, all who long for the widening of welcome
To which your Gospel calls us:
Open hearts, open arms, open doors in welcome!

May we truly be companions on migrants’ journeys.
JOURNEYING GOD, turned away over and over again
By our world’s collective fear of the stranger, we pray:
Open hearts, open arms, open doors in welcome!

May we recognize the image of God in the faces of those serving to make their home among us.
UPROOTED GOD, Suspended in the endless uncertainty that is the daily life of the migrant, we pray:
Open hearts, open arms, open doors in welcome!

Strengthen the migrants for their journey and let their hope never waiver.
GOD OF THE JOURNEY, today we entrust the men, women and children
who live as migrants and refugees to your protection.

Grant us the grace to welcome them with generous hospitality, so that these
brothers and sisters of ours may find assistance and understanding on their journey.

Teach us to recognize you
in the migrant who labors to bring food to our tables
in the refugee seeking protection from persecution, war and famine,
in the women and children who are victims of human trafficking,
in the asylum seeker imprisoned for fleeing without documents.

May all these who are far from their place of birth find in us a home where no one is a stranger.
May all migrant children separated from their parents soon find comfort and safety in a re-uniting embrace. We ask all this in your Sacred Name, God of us all. AMEN

WE ARE CALLED – David Haas

Come open

Come open your heart! Show your mercy to all those in fear!

We are called to be hope for the hopeless, so hatred and

Blindness will be no more!

We are called to act with justice. We are called to love tenderly.

We are called to serve one another; To walk humbly with God.


Carrie Miller, SLW and Joanne Fedewa, SLW