Monday, December 3

Categories: Advent Reflections

As I write this, I am facing some fun deadlines that are driving me crazy—a vacation, my husband’s birthday, holiday events. December can often be like that.

Then I sit and listen to today’s readings. At first they are familiar and comforting. But then I realize that I am not a bringer of peace when I am so pre–occupied with my to–do list that I cannot listen attentively to the needs of those around me. I am not faithful when I can’t slow down to listen to the movement of the Spirit in my life. I like to think that violence is external to me, forgetting that my short words and cross attitude create more negativity than anyone near me deserves. Is God’s instruction today embodied in my to–do list or is God asking me to be quiet and listen for the voice most in need? Do I have enough faith to let go of MY list for another’s agenda? Easy for me to ask, hard for me to do.

O House of Jacob, come, Let us walk in the Light of the Lord. Isaiah 2:5

Linda Nicholas, ASLW
Arlington Heights, Illinois