Monday, December 24

Categories: Advent Reflections

M & Ms and Christmas Eve? A red or green one could remind us to discern both the Message and Mission the Holy Spirit planted in each Scripture passage…  

In 2 Samuel, “…that same night the word of the Lord came to Nathan…” changing David’s dreams, showing God’s even greater plans, right up to the Incarnation! Is God asking us to surrender something so God’s vision of a better future can go forward?  

For some, Christmas will be difficult this year. A death, a family member in jail, another out of work…. Yet Psalm 89 reassures us: “My mercy is established forever; my faithfulness will stand as long as the heavens…” 

Zechariah sends us off this day with final words on our mission. This quiet or busy, melancholy or joyous day before Christmas, how can we be a light “…shining on those who sit in darkness and death’s shadow, guiding [their] feet into the path of peace,” an attentive presence? 

Maureen O’Reilly, ASLW
Dearborn, Michigan