Monday, December 10

Categories: Advent Reflections

The Scripture text from Isaiah 35 introduces one to a freshness fitting for the beginning of a new liturgical year and the season of Advent. We are invited to consider a God who strengthens us daily and makes us firm in the convictions we have of the One who enables us to bring new life to others. Let us consider opening our hearts during this Advent time to the daily visitations that come our way.

God enables us “to be strong and not to fear” as we say yes to this Divine Visitor from moment to moment. Then the kindness and truth of which the psalmist speaks in today’s liturgy will reveal itself to us and the many encounters we experience as the Advent season moves on. Listening to the call to be an attentive presence to those whose lives we touch each day will bring us closer to the One who beckons for a response from us as this Advent time moves on.  

Mary Ann Zrust, SLW
Chicago, Illinois