Mary Nicholas Eiden, SLW and Bible Camp

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What a rich experience of faith with 200 of God’s dear children and young people. The mornings began and ended with lively, body moving songs packed with meaning about God’s steadfast love, strength in our lives, force against evil, love for all people…Our theme was DISCIPLES ON A MISSION, a total parish effort this year. Each day all the various unique activities centered on a specific Bible story, for example, the Good Samaritan, Jesus’ love for children, etc. Our young drama group acted these out each day, after practicing for weeks. We went on treasure hunts, played games, made structures, drew, painted, knotted a blanket, brought articles for Youth Link….all based on the story for the day. I marvel over the work of the two women who planned all of this and had huge painted pictures on the walls upstairs and down, depicting each story. It was a blessing to experience all of this with my nine 4th and 5th graders and the help of a wonderful high school girl. We pray the all present have come to know the love of our God and one another in deeper way, plus the many, many volunteers who helped make all of this possible. What a week of joy!  by Mary Nicholas Eiden, SLW