Are you interested in exploring a vocation as a woman religious?

Receiving New Members

In June 2022, an evaluation of the last three years was presented to the Assembly with the recommendation that we immediately discontinue receiving new members at this time and re-assess it again if a need arises.

We also emphasize a recommitment to foster religious vocations as articulated in Constitutions articles #39 & #40, namely:

  • Article 39
    • “Fostering Religious Vocations: It is our privilege as well as our responsibility to foster vocations to the Church and to our Institute through prayer, sacrifice, and prayerful living in order that many may respond to the call to assist in the spread of God’s reign.
  • Article 40
    • “Witness: Initially, a woman is attracted to our Institute by evidence that Jesus is the center of our living and ministry. This should be apparent by the spirit of peace and joy that pervades our life. This is our call as we seek to share the Word with others.

In light of this recommendation, no specific Sister is assigned to discern with women about the life and charism of the community. If you are seeking more information, simply email your interest and someone will get back in touch to supply that information.

The following links might provide helpful resources on discernment about religious life:

“We, the Sisters of the Living Word, reference all as gift.

We commit ourselves to live simply, trust in providence, joyfully nurture life, and effectively realize our interdependence and mutuality with all of God’s creation.

Rooted in the Word, we are instruments in the transformation of the world for the sake of the kingdom.” (SLW Stewardship Statement, 1982)