Friday, December 7

Categories: Advent Reflections

In Isaiah, the Lord God says that Jacob’s children will see the work of God’s hands. They shall reverence and be in awe of the God of Israel. This passage makes me think of a child who is listening with rapt attention to a storyteller. The child embodies the spirit of attentive presence, being totally captivated by the speaker. Likewise, the speaker is an attentive presence to the child. In their mutual attention and presence, the bond of relationship grows stronger with every story.

If only we would develop this rapt attention to the Word that God wishes to speak to us this Advent! Let us be attentive to the presence of God in Scripture, in the person next to us and in Creation. Let us choose to be truly present to the moment, alive to all the possibilities, the graces, the blessings and the opportunities for growth that God is offering us this day.

Elizabeth Hebert, SLW
Metairie, Louisiana