Friday, December 21

Categories: Advent Reflections

These Scriptures and the Living Word Call to Attentive Listening are rich in their invitation and challenge TO BE AWARE OF EACH PERSON.

Note the very active verbs in these readings. They can fill us with gratitude for the years when we were still able to leap and skip and bound—and now to slow down, mellow and relish the call to be Beloved.

“Listen! My lover! Look! Here He comes gazing at me.” (Song of Songs)

How does He see me? As forgiven, made new. (Psalm)

God is attentive. Mary is attentive. (Luke) Who is not precious enough to receive this gift of attentive presence?

Holy One, we are yours. You have chosen us and risked having us as your own. Help us to pay attention to one another—to forge connections of attentive presence within our Living Word Community: face to face, voice to voice, written word to written word. Let this holy connectedness spread to strengthen love all around, to a world desperately in need of it. So be it!

Carol Kelzer, ASLW
Sioux City, Iowa