Friday, December 14

Categories: Advent Reflections

“Happy are those who follow the ways of the Lord, they are like trees planted near running waters.”
“Goodness will bear fruit.” “I will lead you on the way you should go . . . you and your descendants will be blessed.”

Our readings today challenge us to consider our way/manner of living, beginning with

our relationship with God (how is it?)

which inspires us to embrace the ways/values of Jesus, (how do I?)

which leads us to follow the Spirit in expressing those

values through the way we live,

the way we relate to God’s people, and our

reverence and care for all of creation.

In so doing, “planted near running waters”—the living water of God’s presence and grace with us— God’s love and our goodness will bear the fruit of blessings now and into our future. Faith will be strengthened, hope will be deepened, love will grow expansive enough to embrace all.

Let us pray for one another that this may be so! 

Carrie Miller, SLW
Des Plaines, Illinois