Fourth Wednesday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

The faith of Elizabeth and Zachariah deeply affected their
friends and neighbors. They “stored these things in their
hearts” and proclaimed, “The Hand of God is upon him.”
This couple lived their lives AWARE of their God in all

We ponder their journey, a life style CENTERED on the
presence of their God. Elizabeth and Zachariah responded to
the call of the Spirit to be silent, to listen to the voice of God
within and around them. Their lives, too, were crossed with
conflicts as they faced a world of unrest, as we do. Daily time
spent with God empowered them to divest themselves of all,
to be open and receptive to God’s whispers in small and large

As Elizabeth and Zachariah were transformed through
intimate union with God, may we, too, trust in the Heart of
our God and bless others as the Spirit of Jesus works
through us.

Come, Jesus, the only source of all joy and peace! Inspire us
to reach out to all people, to all of creation.

Mary Nicholas Eiden, SLW
Eden Prairie, Minnesota