Christmas Eve Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

It is Christmas Eve! It is time to REJOICE! Emmanuel is
upon us! Perhaps this was an especially difficult Advent
which makes rejoicing more difficult. What with Covid-19
looming and social distancing still an issue, this may be quite

I think about Zachariah. He came through his own kind of
social distancing being mute. Yet his message is not about his
own release but that of all Israel and, through Israel, all the
nations. He looks forward, not to what he went through. He
knows it will be soon! He speaks of “the daybreak from on
high which shall break upon us and shine on those who dwell
in darkness and death’s shadow.” That’s them, but it’s us too.
Perhaps it’s hard to see daybreak from where we sit today.
But God’s mercy is with us even when we are blind to it.

God, please grant me the grace to see your Incarnation
today and in Christmas and rejoice in it. May God’s
Peace, not that of the world, reside in our hearts this
day. Amen.

Linda Nicholas, ALSW
Arlington Heights, Illinois