Fourth Sunday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

It is the Advent season. May this day be one to quiet down.
Spend time in contemplation. Ponder the powerful mystery
of the Birth of Jesus. In silence, we nourish faith and love
and hear the whisper of God. The power of the Living Word
is present.

In the Gospel, we hear the angel saying to Mary, “Rejoice,
O highly favored daughter. The Lord is with you. Blessed
are you among women.” Mary, a woman of prayer, knew
that nothing was impossible with God. As we work to be a
compassionate presence, let us be open to new possibilities.
Ask the questions needed to bring about change and know
the impossible is possible with God. Every little step
along the way to improve situations and bring about good,
especially for the poor, oppressed and any injustices, will
make a difference for people and the world. We are never
alone and keep on trusting in a loving and gracious God.

With gratitude we pray, O Powerful One, come with all
your Love to each of us.

Edited from an earlier Advent.
Rosaria Schlechter, SLW deceased