Fourth Monday of Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

A baby is born; a sickly neighbor succumbs to Covid-19. I
feel the joy of new life; the pain of inevitable loss. I feel
the presence of God in each breath, the first and the last, the
Alpha, the Omega. Both life and loss are filled with love and
giving. The gift of new life to love and nourish, the gift to
God of the love we cherished and lost. No gift to God can be
a loss. Our heavens grow and flourish! Our loved ones await
us in the softness of His meadows. Life is evergreen as the
seasons of our lives change.

I rest in my well-being; I am well though I may be sick. I
belong to God, here, now and in the future. I praise God’s
illustrious design of life with the gifts he has given me to
share. My music becomes His message of peace and joy in
your hearts!

Karen Lopez, ALSW
Flint, Michigan