December 6, 2017

Categories: Advent Reflections

Isaiah 25:6 – 10; Psalm 23:1 – 6; Matthew 15:29 – 37

Themes of nourishing and healing are contained in each of today’s readings. Our basic needs will be met if we trust in the Lord. God’s closeness to us will erase our fears and encourage us to go forth with courage. With seven loaves and a few small fish the multitudes will be fed and satisfied, a reward for their faith.

Today in the richest country in the world at least one in six children goes to bed hungry each night; adequate health care in America is far from a given. A few years ago, a church near my home placed a sign on their front lawn that read

God’s Work
Our Hands

I always enjoyed driving by that sign because it reminded me of the SLW philosophy and my responsibilities. And although the sign is long gone, it is etched on my brain as one of the truest
statements ever made.

Let us rejoice and be glad!

Margaret McDonald, ASLW
Arlington Heights, IL