December 25, 2017

Categories: Advent Reflections

Isaiah 62: 11 – 12; Psalm 97: 1, 6, 11-12; Titus 3: 4 – 7; Luke 2: 15 – 20

Many of us become children again at Christmastime. We long to recover the excitement that we felt. The angels appearing to the shepherds; the shepherds going to see the mother and child; the shepherds then returning to their fields to praise the Lord and rejoice! No matter our age, Christmas has but one message: Peace!

We are drawn to the voice of God’s messengers, announcing peace to all people of goodwill. We celebrate that a child was born to us; a savior was given to all. Our task is not to remember the message but to write it on our hearts so that we become the “messengers,” the agents of God’s peace and instruments of his love.

As Maya Angelou said, “We look to the heavens and speak the word softly: Peace. We look at the world around us and speak the word aloud: Peace. We look at each other, without hesitation or even apology: Peace, my brothers, peace my sisters, peace, in my soul.”

God of Peace, I want more of you. Fill me anew today. Make me a messenger of peace. Amen.

Barbara J. Aretz, ASLW
Midland, TX