December 21, 2017

Categories: Advent Reflections

Song of Songs 2: 8-14; Psalm 33: 2-3, 11-12, 20-21; Luke 1: 39-45

Today is the shortest light day in the Northern Hemisphere. I miss the light and long for the return that comes in mid-January. In the Song of Songs, God, the Lover, is longing for us to “Arise and come out…,” to really see how in this Advent season there is much sharing, gifting, thinking of others, spreading of our circles of light. Maybe God asks us to see this now so we will have the courage to continue this spreading of the light after Advent.

With the psalm response, we “cry out to the Lord with joy” as we recognize this outreach to our sisters and brothers. Mary is doing just that – reaching out to Elizabeth. I am sure there was a lot of sharing going on in the time Mary stayed with Elizabeth. What strikes me is these two strong women supporting each other, recognizing the great work God does in their lives. Mary’s initial greeting would have been, “Shalom.” Peace to you, Elizabeth. In these last days of Advent, may this be my greeting to all that I meet. Peace to you, the kind of peace that the world can’t take from you.

Happy Last Days of Advent.

Barbara Mass, SLW
Arlington Heights, IL