Christmas Advent Reflection

Categories: Advent Reflections

John 1:4-5 …through him was life, and this life was the
light of the human race; the light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.

In times of duress, we often hear the term used, “there is
a light at the end of the tunnel.” This year has been one
where many of us are looking for that light at the end of the
tunnel. For most, the tunnel has been mainly made up of the
pandemic and renewed racial unrest.

For others it has been further complicated by job loss, illness,
and other issues deepening their tunnels. In these cases, the
light at the end of the tunnel may seem more obscure. But
the light has always been there. No matter what seems to be
between us and the light. It pierces through that tunnel of
darkness. Christmas reminds us that the light, and the love
which it represents, is always with us.

With prayer and faith, we are transported through
our tunnels, getting us ever closer to the warm
protectiveness of the light.

Josette Buehlman, ASLW
Mauston, Wisconsin