Awards presented by the Sisters of the Living Word

Mission Fund Founders Award and Partners in Mission Award are given to those who exemplify the values of the Sisters of the Living Word and are committed to its mission.

Volunteer of the Year Award is given to those who generously give of their time and talents in service to the Sisters of the Living Word.

Outstanding Service Award was given to those who served on Boards and committees and dedicated themselves to the mission of the Sisters of the Living Word.

25th Anniversary Award was given to recognize generous contributions to the Sisters in their first five years as a Community.

2021 Volunteer Award
Judy Himel, ASLW (LA)

2021 Partners in Mission Award
Michael James Gibbs (In Memoriam)

2020 Partners in Mission Award
Charlene and Al Smuck (LA)
Sister Joan McGlinchey, MSC (IL)

2020 Volunteers of the Year Awards
Richard Donnes and Nancy Pumilia, ASLW (LA)
Judy Maciorowski (IL)

2019 Volunteer Award
Barbara Aretz, ASLW (TX)

2019 Partners in Mission Award
Diane (ASLW) and Gary Michel (LA) and Faith Community Homes (IL)

Volunteers of the Year Awards
Catherine Guirovich, ASLW and Joy Cossich Lobrano, ASLW (LA)
Margaret McDonald, ASLW (IL)

2018 Partners in Mission Award 
Bob and Marilyn Lobrano (LA) and Natalie Crary, ASLW (IL)

Volunteer of the Year Award
Emma Scheuermann (LA) and Josette Buehlman, ASLW (WI)

2017 Partners in Mission Award
Michael & Norma Kimble and Family (LA)
Carol Kelzer, ASLW & Family, Kelzer Care Center
Rev. Jack Kurps, SCJ, Sacred Heart Southern Missions
Rev. Philip Schmitter, Christ the King Parish (MI)

Volunteer of the Year Award
Frank Patzke, Owner of Guidant Wealth Advisors

2016 Partners in Mission Award
Adrian Dominicans
Franciscan Sisters of Wheaton
Missionaries of the Precious Blood
Sisters of Mercy – West Midwest Community
Sisters of St. Joseph of LaGrange

2015 Partners in Mission Award
Sister Simone Campbell, SSS

Volunteer of the Year
Attorney Joe Klein

2014 Partners in Mission Award
Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

Volunteers of the Year
Jaime Radwan and Maureen Schaffhausen

2013 Partners in Mission Award
Br. Michael Gosch, CSV

Volunteers of the Year
Annette and Mike Robbins

2012 Partners in Mission Award
Fr. Dan Brady

Volunteer of the Year
Laurita Saunders, SLW

2011 Partners in Mission Award
Fr. Bill Zavaski

Volunteers of the Year
Pat and George Bethel

2010 Partners in Mission Award
Joseph Cozzi
Lynda Strohmeyer, ASLW

Volunteers of the Year
Patty and Gary Colabuono

2009 Partners in Mission Award
Char and Joe Greil
Donnie and Donald Szabo

Volunteers of the Year
Marilyn and Chuck Neuman

2008 Partners in Mission Award
Rev. Clyde Brooks

Volunteers of the Year
Robbie and EJ Cormier, ASLW

2007 Partners in Mission Award
Modesto Valle

Volunteers of the Year
Von and Bill Yetzer

2006 Partners in Mission Award
Carole O’Neill
Me-Me and Maurice LeBlanc, ASLW

2005 Partners in Mission Award
Vicki Quade

Volunteers of the Year
Catherine Sabay
Eunice Dale

2004 Partners in Mission Award
Helen Bajkowski, ASLW
Robert and Joan O’Keefe

2003 Partners in Mission Award
Rev. Eugene Faucher
Mrs. Jane N. Gerity

2002 Mission Fund Award
Helen Domantay
Angela and Mark Mass
Charlotte Mass
Peter M. Shannon, Jr.

Partners in Mission Award
Gwen and Ronnie Briggs, ASLW

2001 Mission Fund Award
Robert Schmitz

Volunteer of the Year
Jeanne Cahill

2000 Outstanding Service Award
Nancy and Tom Cooper
Marie Roth
Laurita Saunders, SLW

25th Anniversary Award
Monsignor James C. Hardiman
Sisters of St. Joseph, La Grange, IL

1999 Mission Fund Founders Award
Steffan and Dot Vorenkamp, ASLW
Lucille Williams and Jude Williams, SLW

Volunteer of the Year
Mary Kay Geimer