On Friday, February 28, 2020, the Sisters of the Living Word hosted an Educational Outreach program at St. Edward the Confessor in Metairie, Louisiana with two presenters. Yvette Fouchi is with Free Indeed, and anti-human trafficking organization in New Orleans which has a rehabilitation home for girls 12-17 who have been trafficked, share a wealth of information that was both educational and enlightening. Joy Cossich Lobrano, ASLW who is a judge and very involved with a comprehensive program in the city to help vulnerable youth was invited to the Vatican three times in the last year to present her programs to the Academy of the Sciences that Pope Francis initiated. Joy shared photos and final statements from her participation the social rights summits at the Vatican.

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Sisters of the Living Word hosted the final Day of the Races at the New Orleans Fair Grounds in commemoration of the life of Sr. Lynda Rink, SLW (1944-2010).

We had a record turnout for the event! The raffle prizes abounded thanks to the efforts of Judy Himel, ASLW, Jane Kuchler, Mary Ann Mataconis, ASLW, Nancy Pumilia, ASLW, Catherine Guirovich, ASLW, Elaine Warriner, ASLW and others from St. Eddy’s Ladies Council.

Awards were presented to Charlene and Al Smuck (Partners in Mission), Richard Donnes (Volunteer of the Year), and Nancy Pumilia, ASLW (Volunteer of the Year) for their generosity and loyalty to the Sisters.

We are grateful to all who attended and to our sponsors: Jefferson Sprinkler (Linda Strohmeyer, ASLW), the Tsang Family, Moises and Rosemary Arriaga, Charlotte Greil, the Kimble Family, Louie and Sally Roussel, M.D. Descant, LLC and Patrick and Rhonda Connick!