Bridge the Black/White Divide

Our mission

As the NW suburbs are becoming more diverse we desire to help bridge these relationships through empowering dialogue and understanding. We do this through providing opportunities to gather with leaders of churches, educational institutions, police officers, civic leaders and other community organizations.

A gathering of Bridge the Black/White Divide was held at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library on Feb. 13, 2018. Discussions regarding the need for neighborhoods to pull together to make people of color’s new businesses welcome, for schools to teach correct African American history, and churches to lead groups of reflection on white privilege among other things were lively and hopeful. Such community members as the Superintendent of District 25, the Village manager and the Deputy Chief of Police for Arlington Hts., pastors from various churches, and interested citizens were invested in sharing ideas and ways to make a difference in the northwest suburbs.

The last gathering of Bridge the Black/White Divide focused on the Role of Law Enforcement and was hosted by the Village of Arlington Heights.