Bridge the Black/White Divide

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I am a part of the CORE team for the Bridge the Black/White Divide group that has now been in existence about 3 years. We have hosted many breakfast conversations on various topics regarding racism in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Today we are delighted to say that we worked with the Daily Herald, a long-standing newspaper for the northwest suburbs, to host a breakfast/conversation regarding the question: What is the Role of the Media in Combatting Racism in the Northwest Suburbs? 60-70 people attended: pastors, League of Women Voters’ members, organizations of various concerns, journalism students, the Daily Herald staff, educators and District superintendents, and concerned citizens.

As a Sister of the Living Word, supported by my Sisters in this work, I felt very satisfied to be a part of this event which has as its goal raising up the concerns of those whose voice is not heard. Many constructive ideas were shared about how the Daily Herald and other media need to reach out to people of color in our communities that need recognition and appreciation. For example, one gentleman questioned: how many of us know that the Mosque in Schaumburg has been there for 40 years? It seemed to me that there is a great amount of awareness growing regarding these issues. The Daily Herald has its work cut out for itself, but so do we as citizens, in speaking up about our community’s needs.

Kris Vorenkamp, SLW


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