Advent Reflections

Sisters of the Living Word and Associates share their daily reflections for each day of Advent.

Wednesday, December 5

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Reread the Gospel passage. We know the Son of God to be Divine in his preaching and his healings, but he was also human in his caring for the physical well–being of the crowd that faithfully followed him for three days. His ATTENTIVE PRESENCE to their hunger went beyond pity to ACTION. This Advent season […]

Tuesday, December 4

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Blest are the eyes that see what you see. Isaiah 10:23 We are all striving to grasp the wisdom and understanding of our Lord and Savior. Our readings are reaching out to us and proclaiming the justice, peace, and faithfulness asked and given to each person, each child of God. We are called to a […]

Monday, December 3

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As I write this, I am facing some fun deadlines that are driving me crazy—a vacation, my husband’s birthday, holiday events. December can often be like that. Then I sit and listen to today’s readings. At first they are familiar and comforting. But then I realize that I am not a bringer of peace when […]

Sunday, December 2

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Today, my heart is burdened listening to the past decades of sex scandals. We suffer from division, faction and hurtful relationships. How can we be an “attentive presence” in our church and world? The Gospel tell us: “There will be signs…and on earth nations will be in dismay…But when these signs begin to happen, stand […]