Advent Reflections

Sisters of the Living Word and Associates share their daily reflections for each day of Advent.

Monday, December 10

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The Scripture text from Isaiah 35 introduces one to a freshness fitting for the beginning of a new liturgical year and the season of Advent. We are invited to consider a God who strengthens us daily and makes us firm in the convictions we have of the One who enables us to bring new life […]

Sunday, December 9

Categories: Advent Reflections

In the SLW Direction Statement, we are “called to be an attentive presence in our relationships with each other, all of God’s people, and Creation.” Today’s readings give us some ways to do this. Baruch says that God will name us: the peace of justice. Paul tells us the importance of loving one another and […]

Saturday, December 8

Categories: Advent Reflections

Today we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mary was given the special privilege of being conceived without original sin. God had a plan for Mary. She was to be the Mother of our Savior and play an important role in the redemption of the world. So God prepared her with this special privilege. […]

Friday, December 7

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In Isaiah, the Lord God says that Jacob’s children will see the work of God’s hands. They shall reverence and be in awe of the God of Israel. This passage makes me think of a child who is listening with rapt attention to a storyteller. The child embodies the spirit of attentive presence, being totally […]

Thursday, December 6

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Jolly Old St. Nicholas, lean your ear this way; don’t you tell a single soul….. Wait a minute. Some people say it’s inappropriate for me to sing this song. They’re telling me this is supposed to be a serious reflection about Advent, the scriptures and our SLW direction statement. St. Nick: Well, I think my […]