The Sisters Receive a Generous Grant

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The Sisters of the Living Word would like to thank the Crary Family and the Crary Family Legacy Fund for their generous grant. The grant will be used to support our Peace and Justice Missions and assist the sisters with their future Assemblies. A major portion of the grant will be used to sponsor both upcoming Assembly sessions […]

A Spring Meditation Poem

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A Seed Psalm Awaken, you buried seeds, Asleep in your earthen tombs! Rise up with joy to break forth The hard coffins of your shells! Your Eastertime has come; The song of the dove Is heard over the softening land. Winter has hidden, And Spring now dances on your graves To awaken the dead. Awaken, […]

SLW Renew Vows at St. James

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As part of the celebration of Consecrated Life on February 5, several of the Sisters of the Living Word, renewed their vows at the 10 a.m. Mass at St. James in Arlington Heights, IL.  Afterwards they continued the celebration with a luncheon. Mary Ann Zrust, SLW and Rosaria Schlechter, SLWStella Stacken, SLW and Jeannine Randolph, SLW […]