Associate Gathering in New Orleans

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On December 2 the Metairie Associates had their Advent Gathering at St. Edward’s Pastoral Center. Sr. Janet Franklin, CSJ, a spiritual director and speaker, led the day’s reflections. We had a special bond with her since she went to St. Raphael’s School in New Orleans where she was taught by the SCCs and she knew Angela Ashbey, SLW, who was also a student at St. Raphael. Sr. Janet’s Advent reflection was centered on gratefulness, hope, and peace. She left us with handouts and many reflection questions to use for the rest of Advent.

Each of the Associates brought a Care Box to the meeting for the homeless of the St. Jude Community Center where Sister Vianney used to volunteer. Associates used colorful Kleenex boxes and shoeboxes to fill with useful items and gift cards for the homeless. Sue La Cour’s box was filled with everything but the “kitchen sink:” combs, toothbrushes, mirror, sanitary wipes, hard tack candy, etc.! Catherine Guirovich was going to make sure the boxes got to St. Jude’s.

The meeting ended with the sharing of snacks which many brought for us to enjoy. Nancy Pumilia, ASLW was not able to attend since she was in the Holy Land where she promised to pray for us all. The gathering was enjoyed by all and inspired us to live the Spirit of Advent.

Marilita Roy, ASLW