Focused on Action

Leadership Conference for Women Religious Resolution: “In the presence of constant and painful reminders of the deep roots of racism in our country,” reads the 2018 statement of recommitment, which echoes the wording of the 2016 resolution, LCWR pledges “to go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects.”

LCWR (Leadership Conference for Women Religious) Calls to Action by the Global Concerns Committee

We, Sisters of the Living Word support the work of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice: HOPE FOR OUR LIBERATION

LCWR Confronts Racism and Religious Life (Fall 2016 by Margaret Alandt, IHM and Pat McCluskey, IHM)

Some Daily Effects of White Privilege (by Rev. Clyde Brooks)

The Sisters hope is that, through this more contemplative work, they may grow in greater awareness of their own biases so that their minds and hearts will open more easily to the Light of the Risen Christ.