Advent Reflection, Sunday, December 1, 2019

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December 1   Sunday
First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 2:1–5; Psalm 122:1– 9; Romans 13: 11–14; Matthew 24:37–44

Twice today’s reading encourages us to bring light to the world.

What brings more light, joy into the world than a giggling baby, a visit from a dear

friend, a chance to do something good for another, providing attentive presence

to someone? Think, too, of the joy in seeing a sunrise, beautiful flowers, the sun, moon, stars and all the glory of nature.

Seems mundane? True, but think about it. Don’t you feel good if any of these

situations happen to you? Don’t you tend to pass around this joy when you’re happy?

The best part of the psalm reminds us: “our help is in the name of the Lord”. We don’t do it alone. We are to cast off deeds of darkness. With God’s help, we can be people who “put on the armor of light.”

After all, this is the season we are preparing for the birth of a child. We look forward in joy to this celebration. Let’s prepare consciously for Him in the light of God.

Mary Catherine Connolly, SLW
Chicago, IL