Our Name is Our Mission

Holy-Thursday-2013-e1392413599232-300x175“As Jesus was sent by the Father in the power of the Spirit, so are we sent as Sisters of the Living Word. We reflect and affirm the Word in the world, the Word who continually frees the oppressed and gives new life.” (SLW Mission Statement, 1978)

The Sisters of the Living Word desire to joyfully bring God’s Word to others.

sr-theresa-2011-Chapel-261x300Relying on Jesus, we prayerfully reflect on his Word to deepen our faith and strengthen our desire to spread this Word to others. We are open to new possibilities of evangelization to bring God’s Word to people in need.

sr-carrie-276x300“We advocate passionately for the voiceless, risking uncharted paths.” (Vision Statement, 1997)

“We weave a network of connections among diverse peoples and in dissonant situations.” (Vision Statement, 1997)

Joanne-Ginter-and-two-students-300x225“Rooted in the Word, we are impelled to be God’s language, transforming the world as we lean into life’s unfolding revelation.” (Vision Statement, 1997)

The SLW invest some of their resources in www.BenefitChicago.org which is a company that focuses on Impact Enterprises. An impact enterprise is a non-profit or for-profit organization that uses commercial strategies to address a basic unmet need or to solve a social problem. We share this to encourage you to make socially responsible investments whenever possible.