Congregational Leadership

2013-install1-300x196Our community has been blessed from its inception with dedicated sisters who, in the spirit of our foundress, keep before us the ideals contained in Living Word of God. This three-member team gives direction to our community efforts to bring the Word to generations thirsting for God. Elected for a five-year term, the leadership team gives direction to our community efforts to bring the WORD to generations thirsting for God.

Sister Sharon Glumb (center), recently completed twenty years of ministry to college students in the south before returning to her hometown area of Chicago in 2013 to begin leadership ministry.

Sister Kathleen Heer (left), originally from Palatine, IL will continue her work as an art therapist with children who have special learning needs at Julie Billiart School outside of Cleveland, OH, while serving in leadership ministry.

Sister Kristine Vorenkamp (right), who was raised in New Orleans, LA lives in Palatine, IL and engages in a ministry of advocacy for immigrants within the Archdiocese of Chicago while also serving in leadership ministry.

The Sisters of the Living Word are a dynamic group of women, a leaven among the People of God, a presence that brings life wherever their lives and journeys take them.

Mission-alive-and-on-fire“We embrace our Living Word Mission with new and driving energy. Ours is a mission alive and on fire.

We will intentionally deepen our relationships in new ways, new forms, and with new people.

We will passionately attend to the peace and justice issues of our times.

We will creatively sustain new life together.”

SLW Direction Statement, 2012-2018